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Coach Sam, Thai National Record Holder Full Distance Triathlon

Personal Coaching for ALL Abilities: Are you maintaining your endurance… or is your endurance maintaining you?

If you want to stay in shape, be healthy and reach your goals, you need proper guidance. That’s why we provide Personal Coaching with customised workout plans that match your goals, taste, and personality. With proper guidance, you’ll have everything you need to reach your health & performance-related goals.
If you want to achieve your fitness goals faster and feel better, get fit with our superior exercise plans tailored to your body and needs. Here at Tri Nirvana, we’ll guide you and provide with personal coaching that you need to push yourself to the next level up version of you!

Tri Nirvana helps you move from Excuses to Excellence! We use data from your GPS watch/training device, apps, workouts and daily life to provide customised workout plans that help you reach your fitness goals, stay healthy and feel great in your daily life.

Triathlon, Multi-sport Plans

Running, Trail Running, Ultra Trail Plans

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If there is nothing in a chest, the chest doesn’t mean anything

TNST (Tri Nirvana Secret Training)
The Ultimate Secret Virtual Training Club

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